I've touched my people
and they have touched me too

Their problems are also my problem



Welcome to DR. Joseph Mburu Presidency - DARAJA YA WAKENYA

“While other leaders buy you arrows and ask you to pierce the backs and heads of fellow citizens just because they belong to another tribe, on my part I will get you visas to travel, live, work, study and do business for Kenya worldwide. I will endeavour to make you some of the richest people on earth. While other leaders direct your thoughts to fight and chase away fellow citizens over land (mashamba) where they confine you into ancient peasant farming, I will direct your thoughts and thinking into industries and high-technology. For example, can you think if we can create a software that can go back to retrieve what individuals have been thinking since birth? Let’s think about discovering and inventions not what tribes we belong to. Discoveries can bring development and food on the table but a tribe cannot. Discoveries of such gadgets will make Kenya and Kenyans multi-millionaires in no time. I will wish that you think more about finding out if opportunities exists in our sister planets like mars, Jupiter, etc where lands are uninhabited and terrestrial resources unexploited. While other leaders lead you back into thinking about “village and local”, essentially keeping you into a tribal citizen, I will make you a global citizen where opportunities are UNLIMITED. I will guide your steps to greatest prosperity as I build you into a giant of legendary proportion in terms of discoveries and of your wealth and riches. In the days allocated to me to be your President, I commit to leave behind landmark achievements including: 2,000 factories, 12M jobs and 20,000 BBENS. I will leave every Kenyan better off than he/she was when I took over the Office of the President”.

Dr Joseph Mburu

Why run for the Kenyan presidency?

If it were not YOU I will not be running for President: Your problems, your sufferings, Kenya’s poverty, etc. If slums were not there in Kenya, I will not run for President. I will not leave the economic comforts in Canada if you were living comfortable lives. But for your sake, I leave them to come to help you because the sufferings you face are NOT insurmountable: They are artificial. They are man-made- they are leadership-made.

With a good leader committed 100% to good governance and declaration of war against poverty, corruption and unemployment emanating 100% from deep.. deep..deep.. deep.. inside the heart, these could be vanquished and Kenyans would prosper in a lightning speed. I seek the Presidency because I am driven by the values and desires of helping. I just want to lend a hand. I feel pity for the horrible mistreatment the following go through: house girls, mama mbogas, mama nguo, hawkers, handcart (mkokoteni) pullers, bodabodas, single mothers, abused women, junior officers, those who dwell in slums and mudwalled houses, unemployed youth etc. To them I say, my Presidency is your answered prayer.


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