About Joseph Mburu

JMBURU2.jpgDr. Joseph Mburu teaches political science at the University of Regina, specializing in
international, comparative, and third-world politics, and is preparing to run for the
Kenyan presidency in 2017.While colonial-era divisions remain strong in Kenyan society,
Mburu and his team hope the Kenyan Peoples’ Welfare Party’s appeal will bridge these
divisions. These divisions manifest themselves in the fact that all four presidents of
independent Kenya have come from the country’s Rift Valley and Central regions.

Recent Position:

  1. Assistant Professor, Politics, Development and International Studies, University of Regina, Canada

  2. Presidential Aspirant, Republic of Kenya, 2017

  3. Governor Candidate, Trans Nzoia County, 2017, Republic of Kenya

Vision and Ambition

Be a professor and researcher of great repute and a prolific writer publishing 1000 works – books, journal articles, newspaper articles, letters, etc. Then become a signature President of the Republic of Kenya to be remembered for eliminating poverty, and leading Kenya into an unparalleled and unprecedented era of prosperity and development where every citizen received the benefits of these growth. My Presidency would set a leadership and governance model and would be pace setter for the rest of Africa, my cherished continent of my birth.

Key Skills

  • Abilities to hold the position of a Head of State and Government.

  • National leadership

  • Teaching in Universities.

  • Admirable and effective Leadership.

  • Management of public affairs that meets high standards and generates the best results for the good of all.

  • Immensely knowledgeable in national and international issues- economic, political, social, environmental, etc.

  • Analyzing, implementing and evaluating policies and programs.

  • Advanced knowledge in research methods, analysis, critical and innovative thinking.

  • Effective worker in highly sensitive political/executive public office providing executive decisions and policy direction.

  • Experienced in advance planning, preparing, and delivering programs

  • Experienced policy researcher and analyst, and finance and project manager

  • Excellent communication, both verbal and written.

  • Ability to produce high quality policy and procedure documents, briefing notes, business plans, and committee reports. 

  • Proficient in computer software such as Microsoft Word, Power Point and Internet use.

  • Adept negotiator

  • A strong team player but also works well independently

  • Shrewd political operative

  • Charismatic leader, persuasive, understanding and quick thinker to resolve problems

Birth, Work and Education

  • Born and grew up in Trans Nzoia and Bungoma Counties

  • Birth delivered at Kijabe African Mission Hospital

  • Lived, educated and worked in Trans Nzoia, Bungoma, Busia, Kajiado, and Kakamega Counties

  • Travelled, studied, worked and lived in York, England and in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD): York University, England UK - PhD (2010)

  • Masters: Master of Science in Administrative Science and Development Problems, York University, England UK - (1997)

  • BA Hons.: University of Nairobi, Kenya - studied Government, History and Kiswahili

  • Advanced Level: Malava Boys High School, Kakamega County

  • Ordinary Level:

    • Lukhuna High School, Bungoma County

    • Bwake Boys Secondary School, Bungoma County

  • Elementary Level:

    • Tabani Primary School, Bungoma County

PhD Focus

My PhD thesis makes three contributions to the available knowledge regarding public policy formulation and overwhelming influence of international development actors in local/domestic policies of aid recipient states. First, it shows that, beyond ideas of policy transfer, most contemporary models of public policy-making fail to take into account the exogenous and non-domestic sources of, and demands for, policy innovation or reform. This is particularly the case in respect of post-colonial states, like Kenya, where there has been a high level of aid-dependency (at least up-to early 2000s). Second, I illustrate this with two detailed case studies of policy formation in Kenya – the privatization process and the anti-corruption programme. Both show the profound influence of foreign donor agencies (as non-domestic constituents of the policy and hence political process) not only on the shape, direction and form of policy, but often on the precise wording and content of the policies and their legislative embodiment. Third, I suggest that in the light of this evidence, there is need to rethink and revise models of public policy-making in the post-colonial African state. Moreover, having shown the extent of donor involvement in two key areas of public policy-making in Kenya, I point out that this story raises profoundly troubling – if not contradictory – implications for external donors’ concerns about democracy (and especially democratic governance), state autonomy and sovereignty.

In the course of carrying out my research, I covered extensively vital sectors and themes including:

  • detailed analysis of Kenya's corruption phenomenon including: nature, level and trends; how it occurs; diverse actors; weakness in policy and legal framework; effects of corruption to the Kenyan society and the economy; potential ways to eliminate it; etc

  • Kenya's Governance and constitutional framework since 1885

  • the issue of ethnicity, betrayal by successive governments, legislature, etc

  • privatization - the why, the process, failures and how Kenyans have over the years been taken for a ride. Why privatization was unnecessary especially its "foreignization" leaning

  • foreign aid - its contribution to Kenya's development and how it's also used to undermine regimes and economies

  • the policy formulation processes

Masters Program Focus

  • Public Administration

  • Development administration

  • Policy formulation

  • Development challenges

  • Political and Economic Issues

Research Interests

  • International Organizations

  • International Criminal Court

  • Presidencies, Cabinet and legislatures

  • African development situation

  • Developed world interventions in the Third World

  • Governance, public administration and policies

  • International Issues: law, development, relations, etc

  • Immigration and new immigrants in developed societies

  • Economic and commerce issues

Employment History

2006-to-date: Assistant Professor. University of Regina, Canada. International Studies Program

Taught Courses in: International Studies, Political Science, History, and Johnson Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy

Courses Taught:

  • IS 100: Introduction to International Studies

  • IS 240: Contemporary Issues in International Affairs

  • IS 390: Global and Local Environmental Struggles

  • IS 420: Advanced Topics in International Development

  • IS 430: Advanced Topics in International Affairs

  • IS 400: Capstone International Studies Seminar

  • PSCI 240: World Politics

  • PSCI 342: International Diplomacy and the UN System

  • PSCI 340: Topics in International Law

  • PSCI 220: Comparative Politics

  • PSCI 425: Advanced Topics in Comparative Politics

  • 290AF: History of Africa: Origins to Colonization

  • GSSP 835AD/PSCI 470: International Development Policy and Organizations/The Third World and Political-Economic Change

2005: Government of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Immigration Branch, Canada


  • Policy research, design, implementation and evaluation

  • Holding meetings with various levels of governments in Canada, and private sector stakeholders.

  • Developing programs to support recognition, registration and integration of foreign-trained professionals.

  • Travel throughout the province meeting stakeholders for consultations and promoting immigration policies

  • Delivering educational material and information

  • Promoting new Government initiatives for immigrants

Jan-August, 1999: Lecturer, Moi University, Kenya

  • Taught Human Resource Management - staffing, promotion, discipline, staff evaluation

1991-2003: Assistant Secretary. Office of the President. Seconded to the Office of the Vice-President and Ministry of Finance.

Coordinated economic development cooperation between the Government of Kenya and a large number of foreign governments and international development agencies including:

  • The World Bank Group, International Monetary Fund (IMF), African Dev, Bank (ADB) Group (ADB, ADF & Nigeria Trust Fund), The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, Saudi Fund for Development (SFD), OPEC, BADEA, Abu Dhabi, and several other donors

Tasks & Responsibilities:

  • Prepared budgets for projects funded by above donors

  • prepared itinerary for, and received Ambassadors and Delegations from the above Governments and Organizations

  • Advised the above governments and institutions on policy matters

  • Wrote, reviewed and recommended signing of Bilateral or Multilateral Agreements

  • received foreign delegations- ministers, ambassadors, etc and prepared their itinerary

  • Prepared summary notes and files for use by the President, Vice-President, Ministers, Permanent Secretaries and Directors on the occasion of meeting a foreign Delegation or when making foreign trips, etc

  • Advised the Vice-President, Minister of Finance, Permanent Secretaries and Directors on international policies and strategies

  • Advisor to high-level multi-sectoral delegations during international trips

  • Participated in national and international policy formulation and decision-making

  • Collaborated and coordinated country position paper on policy issues

  • Represented Government in domestic and international meetings

  • Prepared Cabinet Memos, briefing notes, reports and advisory notes

  • Led teams in developing, administration, implementation and evaluation of policies and strategic programs

  • supervised and monitored projects implementation in diverse sectors- education, health, local government, roads, airports, dams, regional programs, financial, etc

  • Convened, and/or wrote minutes of, inter-governmental and inter-ministerial meetings and international meetings involving foreign Government delegations/ Embassies

  • Prepared Reports, Statements and Speeches for both domestic and International Meetings

  • Reviewed Reports and Documents prepared by consultants, governments/institutions, Crown corporations and civil society

  • Reviewed and analyzed major economic, social and political policies to determine the best options

  • Analyzed, researched and responded to parliamentary questions

  • Dealt with complains from domestic and international stakeholders

  • Provided leadership in project and policy formulation and implementation

  • Supervised projects implementation

  • Analyzed national, jurisdictional, inter-departmental and international data and statistics

  • Supervised projects and programs including monitoring policy performance and impact, financial expenditure etc.

  • Prepared Annual, Supplementary, and Medium Term (Three Year) national budget and forecast

  • Analyzed economic trends and available public funds - from national revenues and Appropriations-in-Aid

  • Sought ways to fund budget deficits

  • Worked under enormous pressure (including weekends, and late into the night)

Jun. 1991- Dec. 1995: Advisor. African Development Bank Group (ADB).

  • Advisor to the Governor, African Development Bank

  • Advisor to the Chairman of the African Dev. Bank (ADB), and the Bank’s Management Committee, Abidjan, Cote d’ Ivoire.

Selected International Meetings Attended & Participated:

  • World Bank: Port Louis, Mauritius, March

  • African Development Bank (ADB) African Development Fund (ADF) - Annual Meetings of the Boards of ADB and ADF held in:

  • Abuja, Nigeria; Nairobi, Kenya; Abidjan, Cote d’ Ivoire; Dakar, Senegal.


  • Advisor, Alternate Governor or Personal Assistant to the Minister

  • Researched, compiled and prepared projects expenditures and all documentation for the meetings

  • Prepared speeches, attended all sessions and advised on all matters


Manor House High School, Kitale Township, Trans-Nzoia

Kabuyefwe High School, Trans-Nzoia County, Kenya


Taught: Kiswahili, History and Geography

Patron: Christian Union, Debating Club, Geographical Club

Master: Scouts/Girl Guides Movement; Games Master, Hostel/Boarding Master

Written Works (Reports/Documents)

  • Joseph Mburu (2010): International Aid, Donors and Policy Formulation: A Challenge to contemporary Theories of Policy Making (University of York,-537 pages)

  • Joseph Mburu: Environmental Degradation: A New Policy Framework That Works (University of York,-116 pages)

  • Cabinet Memos

  • Dozens of Project Reports, Projects Progress, Review, Completion and Post-Completion

  • Dozens of Financial Status of diverse public projects such as: Nairobi water supply, Nairobi Thika Road, West Kenya Rice Projects; Mwingi-Garissa Road, Mombasa Water/Sewerage, Hospitals and Health clinic- Webuye, Msambweni, Malakisi, Baringo, etc

Community Work/ Membership

  • President, Regina Centre for Good Governance and Development in Africa.

  • President, Regina Centre for Canada-Africa Development Corporation (not registered)

  • Presenter, African peoples/culture, Cultural Training week for the Regina Police

  • Member, Harvest City Church - Regina

  • Evangelist. Choir member- The Apostolic Faith Church

  • Member, Joshua Mutafya Foundation – Regina

  • Member World University Service of Canada (WUSC) - University of Regina

  • Member of Peace Group, Regina

  • Executive Committee Member, Derwent College, University of York

  • Secretary Afro-Caribbean Society, University of York

  • Patron Hope of Mothers and Daughters Self Help Group, Ndalu, Bungoma, Kenya

  • Patron: Christian Union, Debating Club, Games and Athletes,

  • Master: Hostel and Boarding Students; Scouts and Girl Guides

  • Chairman/Organizing Secretary: Christian Union, Geographical Club, Scouts

  • Custodian: National Flag of Kenya, Raising and Lowering the National Flag, Contacting the Kenya National Anthem

  • School Time Keeper, Class Monitor, School Prefect

  • Coordinator: Bible Study, University of Nairobi, Kenya

  • Host: Bible Study Group, Derwent College, University of York, England.