Women Empowerment: The New Kenyan Woman: Rise & Shine in 2022

Women are a majority in Kenya but traditions, weak laws and an aloof government have all conspired against women with devastating consequences. Despite their numeric strength, women paradoxically constitute very low percentages in public and private formal employment, in all levels of education and in most lucrative jobs and careers. Until recently, women enrolment in Universities have for long averaged 30%. Traditional ideas about the roles of girls and women restrict their participation in major formal activities in Kenya. Their presence in key decision-making organs including parliament is quite low. Female in labor force participation in the modern sector has remained below 30%. Majority do low-level jobs or are in the informal businesses. Those living in rural areas spend long hours collecting water and firewood which interferes with their school attendance and leaving them with little time to earn any decent income. Majority are thus extremely poor, vulnerable and jobless. When a husband dies, women and children are in many cases kicked out of homes by the husband’s relatives thereby losing virtually everything yet she is not welcome back to her parental home. In the event of divorce or misunderstanding, women are kicked out of homes empty handed. Some top leaders in Kenya have subjected women to such indignity.

President Dr. Joseph Mburu believes in women empowerment. When women are given better education, the economy grows much faster. Women repayments of loans is usually at a higher rate than men. My Government shall take 25 major measures that will see the birth of a new well-endowed and empowered Kenyan Woman. Women will acquire more opportunities for employment, access to education, new careers, assets and greater financing. For example we assure women shall always constitute 50% of all appointments – from Cabinet, Ambassadorial, etc. These measures will give the new Kenyan Woman greater dignity, protection and advance her economic fortunes. Kenya women will be the most empowered in Africa if not in the world.


Help Dr. Joseph and his Party win the 2022 elections to enable his Good Governance Team (GGT) form the 2022 Kenyan Government and create the BEST Government in the world and make Kenya the 1st -First World in Africa

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