Youth Empowerment: “I see the Youths as Leaders of Today Not of Tomorrow”

Kenya is sitting on a time bomb if youth unemployment is not tackled much faster. Youth in Kenya constitute about 68% of the population. Yet youth unemployment in Kenya is anywhere between 65% and 80%: 10million+- of the youth are unemployed. The slogan that the youth are leaders of tomorrow has simply been used as an oppressive posturing meant to contain youth ambitions today and tomorrow with express purposes of preserving the status quo of the privileged political elites and their chosen few. The youths have been denied their rightful opportunities to unleash their potential and to generate solutions which the current leaders have been slow in developing. Youths have great energy and imaginations. It’s critical to tap this energies and innovation when the “blood is still hot” before the feeling of betrayal which drains much of their energy swallows them up. Their energies must be harnessed before it’s sucked by other demands of life. That urge must be supported and done so very soon be it in direct employment or creating opportunities for them. Young people can come up with super-innovative ideas that can drive the economy and setting the pace for the rest of the world. But most of the youth in Kenya don't really have that opportunity. Young people are a wasted resource in Kenya. These lack of intervention has led to a vast majority of Kenyan youths resort to alcoholism, narcotics, joining terrorist organizations and all manner of crimes. Funds committed for youth employment has been stolen by the top government leadership.

The coming Government of Dr. Joseph, 2022, has generated 20 Programs to empower our youth. These measures will end youth unemployment, youth poverty and youth uncertainty over their future. We see youths as the greatest asset and resource in our country. We pledge that every youth by age 18 will be engaged in productive activity and that by age 21, this youth will fully be equipped to achieve his/her potential and his/her career of choice. By age 23, the Kenyan youth should be having a glowing CV and an impressive work experience. At age 35 years you own car(s), house, assets, and at least a goo bank account (of at least Ksh.2m). Youth’s time must not be wasted. Once our teens turn 18-Adulthood-, they must be presented with means of income than relying on parents, relatives, friends and community in meeting their living expenses. Youths must be seen as a blessing. Politicians in Kenya today prefer to give the jobless youths handouts of 100sh ($1) in order to buy their allegiance rather than providing long-term solutions. My Government shall ensure the hopes and aspirations of our youths is fully met by providing them long term solutions that will help them throughout their life- time. We don’t give out hand-outs but life-long changing solutions.



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