The Spectre of Electoral & Ethnic Violence: Dr. Joseph, The President who will end it

Kenyans fight each other every five years. They violently fight each other along ethnic lines. Tribes supporting specific party and candidate kill, maim and rape members of the tribe supporting the opponent. Sometimes they kill everyone even individuals from another tribe who voted a candidate of the opponents own tribe. Its very embarrassing to see individuals killing each other because of politics. Ethno-political violence begun in early 1990s. Kenyans butchered each other on tribal lines from the 1992 elections to-date. YK92 was very central in the 1992 skirmishes.  Kenya has now a very bad reputation. It has scared potential investors in Kenya. Electoral violence has cost Kenyans a fortune. Which investor wants to invest in violent torn country –facing uncertainty every 5 years? In the 1990s, over 5 million Kenyans were displaced from their homes. Another 3 million were displaced in the 2000s especially the 2007/08 skirmishes. Many poor Kenyans were burnt alive. Others were killed by the sword, machetes or by the arrows or spears. Kenyans chased each other in the streets in a way that resembled ancient fights. Dr Joseph and his Party will bring to an end this violent situation. Our research has established the core cause of the electoral violence. One of it is that leaders are behind this bloodshed. Thus if there’s a non-violent and peace-oriented leader, there shall be no ethnic violence in Kenya. We have developed policies within the bounds of law that will permanently end ethnic animosity and bring perpetual peace in the land of Kenya and wherever Kenyans live.    


Help Dr. Joseph and his Party win the 2022 elections to enable his Good Governance Team (GGT) form the 2022 Kenyan Government and stop ethnic violence for ever while building a memorable harmonious ethnic relations.

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Dr. Joseph shall bring GREAT PEACE, eradicate ethnic hatred and bring love, community harmony and prosperity in our mother land-KENYA.