KENYA HOUSING: we shall upgrade all houses from shanties to houses with dignity


Kenya faces a 300,000 housing deficit per year. Over 60% of Kenyans in urban areas live in slums with no modern services including: sewerage, drainage, water, electricity, waste disposal, security, etc. There is no government for them. The situation is worse in the rural areas. Over 77% of Kenyans live in rural areas living in shanties/huts ("parachutes"-as they are called in Baringo County). These are built with simple materials such as: mud, cow-dung, nylon papers, sticks, animal skins, torn dresses, cartons boxes, grass, reeds, tins, etc. Thus majority of Kenyans live in shelters that our ancestors moved first after leaving the caves. These houses are a major health, safety and security hazards. They are breeding grounds for jiggers, chawa, viroboto, kunguni and other dangerous organisms that thrive in the rough floors and walls. These health-related issues costs the Government more than Ksh. 31billion per year. Fires can strike anytime destroying everything in its wake stored in such huts. These forms of houses reduce value and dignity of families given that society sees these structures as manifestations of poverty in its raw forms. Such houses do not offer any security. Its easy for thieves and thugs to break in such homesteads than in cemented houses.

Dr Joseph and his Party have already formulated policies on housing sector. At our 7th year no Kenyan shall be living in shanties, slums and mudwall/grass-thatched houses. 

Its expected that the Kenyan housing model will be replicated across Africa.

Help Dr. Joseph and his Party win the 2022 elections to enable his Good Governance Team (GGT) form the 2022 Kenyan Government and help Kenyans live in dignity by providing good homes for our people.

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We shall make Kenya a theatre of transformation, provide decent living and bring prosperity to our mother land-KENYA.