Quote one

“I won’t surrender to their allure, charms and promise of glamorous life. I will be a political monk, a political priest and a political nun”. 

Quote Two

 “I am a virgin on corruption matters and will retain my corruption virginity throughout my Presidency. I will work hard to be a political saint than follow the tempting path that Lucifer entices leaders with.”

Quote Three

I would RATHER NOT be the President of Kenya if it is that I have to be a thief or a corrupt person so as to raise money for campaign. I would rather request for donations and endure the shame of begging for a better cause rather than be a thief.”

Quote Four

 “I seek to be president of Kenya not that i be somebody or something important but so that I can do something and not just something but great things for the people of Kenya and the world. if I cannot do these great things i have no desire nor business whatsoever to seek to be the president of Kenya. Like a boulder lying on top of a germinating seed of a plant when lifted the plant grows fast so shall Kenya and Kenyans be. There is a boulder imelalia Wakenya wote (boulder lying on top of all Kenyans) and needs to be removed. i only can remove that boulder because the boulder is the leadership”

Quote Five

 “And for the Third time the devil took Jesus to an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory and Satan offered Jesus all these Kingdoms, riches, glory and marvels if only Jesus fell down on satan’s feet and worshipped him. And Jesus ordered Satan to leave…. The devil left and Angels came to Minister to Christ. When cartels and satan shall whisper to me to do a little and big corruption I shall tell them: It is written in the laws of God and the laws of Kenya though shall not be corrupt. If they come a second time and a third time I shall tell them: IMEANDIKWA, IMEANDIKWA…KATIKA MAANDIKO MATAKATIFU NA KATIBA NA SHERIA ZA KENYA USIIBE, USIITISHE WALA UCHUKUE HONGO NA USITII SHERIA INGINE YEYOTE…


Quote Six

Few have followed this path that I have decided and vowed to follow. This path is narrow and never easy but I will squeeze and squeeze myself however narrower the path becomes. It’s the ultimate price any leader worth his salt has to pay. For a country to prosper, it’s mandatory that the leader and his Administration follows this path. There is no alternative. You either be corrupt and sacrifice development OR be development-oriented and sacrifice corruption. Our current and past leaders have chosen corruption and sacrificed development. I have chosen development and sacrificed corruption for that’s what Kenyans send me to do in State House. I have put corruption hanging on the tallest tree for all Kenyans to see that it is dead. Voters elected me to develop them not to be corrupt or steal their taxes. They elected me to watch over them and be the watchman of their taxes.  I will avoid the broad and wide road [njia pana] with its allure of cartels, promise of beautiful and glamorous life through quick theft of citizen’s tax which leads to the destruction of a country and its peoples. I must not follow the broad and wide way. I have to keep on the narrow and straight path that will take Kenya to be a small sample and glimpse of heaven on earth. While many leaders in Kenya have chosen the wide road I will be the first President and Leader to choose the narrow path.

Quote Seven

Over the past centuries now and even this day, Men and Women from the rest of the world have made many strides and many discoveries against many odds. In 1492 Christopher Columbus an Italian but at the service of Spanish Government set off from Spain to unknown lands. He passed through oceans infested with insurmountable dangers of sharks, winds and waves. His was a rudimentary boat, manually driven and not a cruise ship or high speed boats. Any small mishap in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean meant inevitable death.  But he took the path of the brave.

 Columbus voyage altered world history forever. He helped found the two greatest nations on planet earth today – USA and Canada. What have we discovered as Kenyans?

Industrial revolution begun in 1760 in Europe.  Europe, North America and Asia have discovered every technology we use today. WHERE ARE KENYANs in this race? WHERE ARE OUR DISCOVERIES? WHERE ARE KENYA’S INVENTIONS? 260 years since industrial revolution begun, we have No invention? 50 million Kenyans and we have not invented a thing?  Man has gone to the moon and come back. Objects are today roaming in Mars, in the universe and other terrestrial bodies. We still have not gone beyond the earth surface. Many of our people are still in villages fighting over land and cattle rustling. Medical Instruments that see deep in our bodies and undersea and test temperatures have been invented. What have we invented? FELLOW KENYANS THIS DISTURBS ME.

Quote Eight

Sixty years on since independence, we are still unable to end most basic problems that should take ideally 10 minutes to solve. It is for this situations and the enormity of the sad state of affairs of Kenya that has driven me to in humility request all the 50 million Kenyans to elect me as their President in 2022. I will end many of your problems. Let no one misguide you that our problems cannot be ended sooner. We can end our poverty in our life time. We do not have to suffer for another 5 years or wait for another 50 years or 100years in the fake imagination and belief that to defeat poverty takes many years. We can end poverty today. We can end unemployment today. What is required is to have political goodwill. Such goodwill lacks in our leaders today. My competitors also do not have the urge – that deep push -  to end our sufferings and bring progress. That goodwill is only found in me. That’s why I am bringing 2,000 factories, 12Million jobs and 20,000 BBENs for 40million Kenyans.

Quote Nine

I come with a messianic vision and zeal to make Kenya a Great and Mighty Nation. To understand our situation in Kenya, there are some facts I need to highlight that the development, the growth, the prosperity and the end of poverty of any country is dependent upon. The most central is not whether a country has gold or not, diamonds, oil, etc. A country can have all these but be very poor as Nigeria, DRC, Angola, Sierra Leon and Mozambique shows. The key factor and the only one is the: PRESIDENT OF THE COUNTRY. The President can END POVERTY or create it. He/she can make the rich poor and the poor more poorer. The President can make poverty situation worse not better. The President can create millionaires in a country or “povertynnaires”. Citizens may work extra-ordinarily hard, we can even work for 25 hours per day, 8 days a week (beyond the usual 24/7) but unless the President is committed from his heart to develop his country, most of our efforts will be in vain. A President can tear down or build many walls of poverty or misery to a country. We have seen in Amin’s Uganda. Mobutu’s Zaire, Chad, Nigeria-almost all countries in Africa. The transformation of any country is determined by the President. I come with one agenda and only one: to make Kenya a developed economy in a Single Decade. It’s a feat that may scare many, but I am determined.  I make a solemn pledge to all Kenyans, that it is in the days of my Presidency, that Kenya shall graduate from a Poor Third World Country to a rich and developed country. I am that President who shall fulfil the Dream of all Kenyans.

Quote Ten

One day, some day, somebody shall come to deliver Kenya.  One day, a leader shall emerge to end many of your sorrows. But we may now not need to wait indefinitely because I am determined to be that leader. In entire history of mankind where progress has occurred, there is always such a leader who comes on the scene. Some arise once in 100years or more. These are very rare breed of leaders. And countries and societies where such leader does not emerge and all you have are same leaders handing buttons to likeminded, such nations and societies hardly progress. The live in so many problems for so long. I come at such rough and tough times as Kenya’s National Deliverer to bring to an end these sufferings. I will wipe away your pains and tears. I shall be your pain-killer for your economic, political, social and environmental ailings. 

Quote Eleven

There is honor when accomplishing a cause by honorable means however painful and shameful the honorable means may be. Being a President is a honorable Mission. I will strive to be one through honorable means only. For of what benefit is it to achieve a honorable accomplishments through dishonorable means that may haunt your feelings and consciousness for life?”

Quote Twelve

“To me being a President is a Ministry. I will treat it that way. My Presidential Ministry is to make the poor rich, those crying laugh, unstuck those who are stuck, those without make them have and those who have, help them have more so that they can help themselves and those who do not have. Above all my Mission as President is to make everyone self-sufficient. I will be an enabler, a facilitator and a bridge to help Kenyans cross over from the worst to the very best from Coinnaires to Millionaires”