ON ALL THESE SEVEN STRUGGLES I won’t surrender to their allure, Few have followed this path that I have decided and vowed to follow. This path is narrow and never easy but I will squeeze and squeeze myself however narrower the path becomes. It’s the ultimate price any leader worth his salt has to pay. For a country to prosper, it’s mandatory that the leader and his Administration follows this path. There is no alternative. You either be corrupt and sacrifice development OR be development-oriented and sacrifice corruption. Our current and past system have chosen corruption and sacrificed development. I have chosen development and sacrificed corruption for that’s what Kenyans send me to do in State House. I have put corruption hanging on the tallest tree for all Kenyans to see that it is dead. Voters elected me to develop them not to be corrupt or steal their taxes. They elected me to watch over them and be the watchman of their taxes.  I will avoid the broad and wide road [njia pana] with its allure of cartels, promise of beautiful and glamorous life through quick theft of citizen’s tax which leads to the destruction of a country and its peoples. I must not follow the broad and wide way. I have to keep on the narrow and straight path that will take Kenya to be a small sample and glimpse of heaven on earth. While many leaders in Kenya have chosen the wide road I will be the first President and Leader to choose the narrow path.

My Fight Against Corruption

I shall fight corruption with all my strength, might, wisdom and energy. To this end I have developed 30 mechanisms that will wipe out corruption in Kenya, not just today but forever. My fight against corruption shall be relentless, focussed and sustained. Under my regime, everyone will be requested not to attempt to ask for bribes or receive bribes even when it is offered. Do not suggest anything close to giving out a bribe. You will land in hot water. Do not inflate tenders and contracts. Keep away from getting near anything that appears to look like corruption. You may be a casualty too because no matter what, you will be caught in a matter of hours and the consequences of corruption shall be dire. Do not get there please. In the days of my Presidency, we shall catch you up before your go far.  Do not even be suspected of corruption because when such suspicion builds up, you will pay a price, and it may not be a small one.

Make no mistake. My personal resolve, boldness and zeal to fight corruption is real, unmatched, enormous and determined. It shall not be mere talk the way we have been accustomed to. It will not be idle talk like we have been accustomed to where the fight against corruption was turned into mere chorus, memorized verses and a ritual of talking and mentioning it in every speech to appease and hoodwink the public but nothing happens in reality. I and my Administration come to this High Office untainted with corruption in all the days of our past lives. I and my Administration shall remain innocent of any corruption in all the days of my Presidency. No one appointed under my signature shall be engaged in any corruption. I will not accept my Presidency and Administration to be tainted with corruption scandals from any one serving my Government from clerical staff, drivers, to ministers, MPs, Deputy President to President.

I won’t go to bed, coddle or flatter with corruption. I will fight it with all my might and energy. I will fight it from the sea, under sea, air, land and beneath land. I will deliver to Kenyans a clean Government and country. Let’s be truthful and honest with ourselves. Let’s not beat around the bush. The facts of the matter is that the Presidents, Deputy and Vice Presidents of many countries, the Ministers, the judiciary and our top leaders cannot claim innocence on matters corruption for most of them all the time. Corruption thrives in Kenya because the Presidents, the Deputy Presidents and Ministers, MPs, Senators, Governors have allowed corruption to thrive.  Corruption is like volley-ball. Hit the ball to the next player, come back and give defense and stealing goes on. We cannot claim non-existence of corruption proxies that leaders use. These cannot be hidden forever.  Who was Kabura acting for? Was Goldenberg masterminds acting alone? The leaders speak loudly against corruption in the open –in public meetings, churches, media interviews - but behind the scenes the gospel appear to be different. How else can you explain as to why corruption has persisted in Kenya for 60 years? How comes billions and trillions are misappropriated, the thieves are known but never prosecuted? We all know the corrupt by their first, middle and last names. Why are they still roaming our streets as free people? If the President of any other country was determined from deep in his/her heart to end corruption it will end right on the spot. If we had such a President, corruption will have ended long time ago. I will be that President that has been the missing link. I shall end it. I will end it instantly.

I will put on notice everyone who plans to continue on the path of corruption and plunder of our nation. The wrath of the law shall be very unkind, unrestraint and unmerciful. We have been experiencing corruption convulsions and headaches seeing trillions lost and the deaths that have been caused by corruption. Corruption kills and it kills painfully. We are victims of it while our leaders are beneficiaries of it. How can they end it when it’s their life-line? Corruption has killed our loved ones, our mothers, fathers, children, friends, brothers and sisters. The blood of our dead loved ones is in the hands of our leaders who allowed corruption to thrive. It’s the leading cause of death and poverty in Kenya. It’s likely that more than half of Kenyans annual deaths are caused by corruption. Their blood is in the hands of these leaders from the President all the way down to that clerical officer. Billions of medical funds and medicine have been stolen causing thousands to succumb to death for lack of medicine in hospitals. A large portion of road accidents deaths and life-time injuries are due to corruption.

Corruption causes poverty and unemployment. Were it not for corruption there would be no unemployment in Kenya because the stolen funds would be sufficient enough to finance hundreds of projects that would be employing millions of Kenyans. According to the Government own admission through the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP)  Ksh.224 Billion of public funds were stolen in three years alone. And this could be an understatement. In 2016, Kenyans lost whooping Ksh.600Billion per year. This translates to over 4 million jobs per year. The Ksh. 68 Billions lost in Kimwarer Dam would have employed ONE million Kenyans. Corruption deprives citizens of every shred of dignity. Kenyans slums have been caused by corruption. Slums are simply a manifestation of corruption by our leaders. Given the magnitude of corruption, I shall declare it a National Crisis of Disastrous Proportions hence an Emergency issue in Kenya.

Corruption! You corruption! Why did you kill our mothers, fathers, sons and daughters? Your days are numbered for in the days of my Presidency you will have nowhere to hide.

Coming as victims of corruption. Victims of poverty. Victims of unemployment. We bear the wounds and scars of corruption, wastage and poverty. We are a wounded people. Wounded by the current and past corruption. We must never allow our children live in the damning self-destruction situation and corruption environment that we have lived through. It’s ugly. It’s painful. It’s a thorn and a sharp and deep one lodged inside our physical and psychological beings.

Viewing our leaders as prime suspects in corruption is not far-fetched. Only in Africa are political leaders richer than business and industrial moguls. Yet they have no product attached to them except State Power. Theirs are Government Power Moguls. In developed countries, businesses and industrialists are the richest. In Kenya leaders appear to be richer than owners of industries, supermarkets, trading corporations and owners of means of production yet they themselves are not industrialists. And we know their pay. Their pay can’t give them the size of wealth they have. There is no doubt in my mind that part of these wealth is ill-gotten. It’s from proceeds of corruption and a myriad of other illegal and criminal engagements like tax exemptions, importation of goods duty free, poaching, pyramid schemes, etc. Our leaders appear to have turned public offices into trading malls, industries, supermarkets and Wall Street business. Public positions appear to have over the years been used as business entities, enterprises, goods for profits and the great centre of corruption, favours and bribes.

Our battle against corruption shall take a dramatic shift of gears. When the President is made aware of corruption and does not recover the funds and prosecute the corrupt he/she shall be deemed to be corrupt by virtue of failing to act against this crime or protecting the corrupt. Such a President must vacate office and be further prosecuted as an accomplice. How comes Presidents have done nothing on mega corruptions for all these years? When a President or Deputy President or Ministers dines and whines with corrupt people he/she shall be seen to be part of the thieves system. When billions are stolen and the President, Deputy President, Minister and MPs do not act furiously or immediately launches a manhunt and deploy chase cars to catch the thieves, they shall all be seen to be condoning that theft and are within the corruption ecosystem. Under my Administration, the President, DP, Ministers and MPs shall be required to resign