Poverty, Corruption, & Waste: The Paradox of a Wealthy continent Yet the Poorest- Impoverished by the Their Own Leaders

Kenya now ranks number 30 of the most corrupt countries. According to the Transparency International's annual corruption index Kenya’s corruption has only increased and is now 145th out of 174 nations, down from 136 in 2013. Only 1.2 per cent of government expenditure in 2014 could be properly accounted. The Government could not account for Ksh.450billion of the expenses from the budget. Corruption analysts John Githongo argues that details of corruption “come out in dribs and drabs, but it's clear we've reached a scale of looting that surpasses anything we've had in Kenyan history". Under Moi Kenya lost $1billion through the Goldberg scheme alone. Under Kibaki, several corruption deals saw the looting of public funds in grand scale particularly the Anglo Leasing. Githongo notes that the current Jubilee Government, “…isn't going to have one Goldenberg or one Anglo Leasing, we have got several going on at the same time in different departments".

Every year Kenya loses more than 30% of its revenues - ranging between Ksh.300billion-340billion. This amount increased to Ksh.450billion in 2014. Looking at this trend and given that the same corrupt leadership and system are still governing Kenya, revenue losses will increase to between Ksh.500billion- 700billion in the next few years. Since Independence, Kenya may have lost close to Ksh.100 trillion both in cash and lost opportunities. In the last 15 years alone, Kenya has lost a total of Ksh.4.76 trillion. If well tabulated, these cash would have: employed 2million Kenyans per year; build 290 advanced hospitals (one in each constituency - each equipped with radiotherapy machine, MRI machine, 2 CT scan machine, etc); constructed 400,000kms of road; build 12,000-100,000 factories. No Kenyan will be jobless today.

I come to this high office as President fully aware and knowledgeable of all method and ways corrupt cartels and State leaders use to siphon away public funds. That’s why I have personally developed 20 unique and air tight methods to counter corruption. Under my Government Kenya corruption rating will come down to zero within our first year. I pledge that my Administration shall not lose a single cent of tax payer’s money. The Team to be elected under my Party – Chama Cha Maslahi Ya Wananchi Wa Kenya (CCK) (The Party for the Welfare of All Kenyans) shall be vetted thoroughly to ensure no one has in the past been engaged in corruption nor will he/she do so once in power.

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Wastage and Funding Luxurious Lifestyle

Kenya leaders indulge themselves in opulence and luxurious lifestyles that does not befit a society at the level of its development. These strange habits are paid for by the taxes. The MPs for example set its own salaries. The President of Kenya has been earning a salary higher than that of the President of the USA and all other Heads of States in the developed world. The same applies to MPs, Senators, retired Presidents, the First Lady, the Second Lady etc. Currently, some MPs monthly income is about Ksh.3.1million ($30,000). The MPs, are paid additional allowances for attending to Parliamentary business for which they were elected to perform. Despite these huge pay, Parliament still suffers from lack of a quorum as more MPs fail to turn up for debate only coming to pick their pay cheque and go. Some never made a maiden speech for a whole year and others spoke less than 5 times in a whole year. Members of County Assembly (MCAs) grant themselves huge allowances. Uasin Gishu for example is most notorious. In addition to their salary of close to Ksh.200,000, each of the MCA paid themselves about Ksh.236,000- 312,400 per month. In Kisii, where a plate of food would cost less than Ksh.200 ($2), the MCAs paid themselves Ksh.10, 000 ($100) as meal allowances. The Presidency spent most of its budget on buying cars nearly four times of the cars purchase for the police. Ministers, MPs and Senators have bought vehicles and paid themselves salaries and allowances that would have financed and equipped thousands of schools across Kenya.

My Government shall end this wastage of public funds. There are 10 mechanisms that we shall deploy. For example, all Candidates for all elective positions have agreed to cut their total income from the current Ksh. 3.1million ($38,000) to Ksh.500,000 ($5,000) per month. Each elected person with thus save tax-payers Ksh. 2.6million per month. This will be used for development and employment projects. The Ksh.2.6 million saved will be able to lift about 445 people out of poverty per month. Thus currently one MP impoverishes over 1000 people if each of these 445 had 3 children each (and many have up to 7 children).