Agriculture and Food Security

Agriculture is the main economic activity in Kenya contributing 24 % of GDP. Upto 80% of Kenyans rely on Agriculture for their livelihood. About 45% of taxes are derived from this sector as well as 75% of industrial raw products.

About 50% of export earnings come from Agriculture. Majority are small holders- possessing 0.5-10ha. Kenya farmers can feed the entire country. But most of what they produce goes to waste. The problem in Kenya is thus not about food insecurity but poor food chain management. Close to 60% of food is lost along the production chain: at the planting stage, weeding, harvesting and post-harvest. While some people in parts of Kenya die frequently of hunger and malnutrition, food or crops are rotting in farms in other parts of Kenya. This is a paradox my Administration will address keenly. Farmers luck markets information while middle men make a kill from farmers sweat.

The Peoples Welfare Party of Kenya (PWP) has developed 20 Key Principles for the Agricultural sector. These will help raise the incomes of farmers hugely e.g.,- ONE acre or a plot of 50x100ft will now earn a farmer up-to Ksh.100,000-200,000 per year from the current Ksh.20,000. We shall transform Kenya’s agriculture from the current exploitative tendencies to a commercial high yielding sector. We shall avail timely markets for agricultural produce at market prices. Farmers shall not be the poorest people in Kenya anymore.

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